BaroMar’s energy storage solution enables renewable energy to become base load

The world is moving towards increase use of renewable energy. The downside is that wind and solar energy suffer from intermittency, thus posing an elementary question mark on the ability of the grid to rely on them as main power sources. BaroMar’s energy storage solution enables use of Wind and Solar power for constant and reliable electricity supply.

It is known that CAES (Compressed Air Energy Storage) is the most cost-effective bulk energy storage BUT uncommon due to geological and regulatory constraints. BaroMar overcomes these limitations by storing compressed air under water, thus expanding substantially the low-cost energy storage market.

BaroMar’s Energy Storage

Energy Storage Landscape


Levelized Cost of Storage
UnderWater CAES
other LDES technologies
Best Case Scenario100 $/MWh131 $/MWh
Benchmarking Use Case:
100MW/1GWh, 20 years, 350 days/ year, including charging costs


    The hydrostatic pressure of the surrounding water enables construction of long-lasting large tanks at very low cost
    Low maintenance costs are inherent thanks to a design with no underwater moving parts or subsystems;
    The tank is built onshore, from concrete and steel suitable for marine environment, and then towed to place;
    The underwater solution can be integrated with different thermodynamic cycles, i.e. diabatic, adiabatic, isothermal.

Market approach

The BaroMar system has lower capital costs than other options, and the ratio of power to energy is a design choice that can be tuned to each market’s needs.
These characteristics set the BaroMar system apart from everyone else, and make it especially competitive for long term and ultra-high energy quantities. The result is that this solution can fundamentally support a reliable electricity grid 24/7/365, no matter the extent of renewable energies integration. Best performance and economic value will be achieved in zones with deep waters close to shore and Islands.


Special attention is taken to minimize environmental impact

  • Neutral carbon footprint
  • No use of hazardous materials
  • Minimal influence on the natural surroundings


Yonadav Buber

A veteran entrepreneur in the field of energy generation, Founder of energy projects, totaling over 800 MW

Hila Ehrenreich

VP Bizdev and Environment
15 years of experience in environment and infrastructure. Former VP of BizDev and regulation in a technology incubator and CEO of a maritime government company

Sergio Koren

CTO & CO-Founder
MSc Aeronautical eng. 30 years of experience in leading state-of-the-art complex projects and R&D for Rafael, MoD and green energy start-ups

Dr. Ron Elazari-Volcani

CSO & CO-Founder
Inventor. Vast experience in inventing and implementing innovative solutions for the MoD. Co-founder of two successful start-ups.

Tuvia Katz

Bsc. in Physics, Math and computer sciences. Experienced infrastructure and marine projects manager.

Anya Eldan

senior bizdev
Former VP of the Innovation Authority in Israel and Head of Startup Division.

Dr. Ido Anteby

head of R&D
Top tier manager of multidisciplinary R&D projects.